Portable TENS Unit

The most important feature that customers look out for in any product in today’s market is portability which ensures regular usage and easy access. This quality is a predominant feature that ensures for the popularity of TENS unit products. Relieving the world population of pains and aches, products of TENS unit are very handy and thus accessible as you can carry them anywhere you want to, be it office or gym. All the user-friendly products like Ultimsa 5 digital TENS unit or InTENSity 10 TENS unit or the Current Solutions Tens AA, all these products are portable and can be carried and used by the user wherever he or she wants to.

Safe Alternative to Harmful Painkillers

A TENS machine is a small handy and cordless device used to alleviate pain and aches. It is stuck to the body whereby the attachment is fixed via cords to adhesive based pads which are then pasted on the surface of the skin. The device works on small electrical throbs that are transmitted to the body. This helps to soothe and calm the pain and aches in many individuals.

Portable and Convenient Product

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Most products of TENS are small, lightweight and user-friendly which has the potential to carry out the performance for as long as two hours per session. A clear LCD display attached with comfortable buttons provides an easy procedure by any user. The battery level, selected treatment mode, the intensity of each channel and a countdown timer are all displayed on the LCD display. Through five one-touch buttons, pre-installed plug-ins for back, shoulder, joint, leg, hand and foot treatments can be carefully chosen as per the requisite of the user. And since it is portable it can also be carried by a user to the office or to the gym. Another great advantage is the Li-ion built-in rechargeable cells which need not be charged at all.

The portable devices make it possible for the user to use the device irrespective of any time constraint, such that the user can use it even while completing an important task. Yes, it is one device that doesn’t demand your precious time or for that matter doesn’t demand that you leave your schedule and lie on your back and unwind. It is user-friendly and time effective. Carry it in your pocket or your backpack as you go to your office or even for a weekend trip, use it even when you are doing your errands and trust us you won’t feel an ounce of discomfort. A small machine that can do wonders to relieve your pain and make you fit to give your cent percent to your work.

TENS Units Works Wonders On all Kinds of Pains

All the products brought by TENS unit are convenient and portable and also assure relief and just like the adage goes ‘all good things come in small packages’, one must surely invest in one such wonder to get relief from the neck, leg, joint, shoulder or any other forms of body pain that has been bothering you for long. Use the handy and accessible devices without wasting your time from work and see how it treats you.

How a pregnancy pillow can improve your health during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most beautiful chapter in a woman’s life and probably the most painful one too. By the end of your second trimester, you will start undergoing severe tiredness and exhaustion. Many women even find it difficult to bend over to pick something on the floor. All of this can be managed to an extent with a peaceful and sound sleep. But pregnancy brings in a huge and new transformation to your body that you may at times be deprived of this pleasure too. It is not the nervousness of delivery but also the additional weight that you are carrying that weakens and tires you out and also cause you pain. This discomfort and pain that a would-be mother goes through has given rise to the concept of pregnancy pillows. Pregnancy pillows are designed in such a way that they support many areas of your body and reduce the pain and uneasiness that are an accompaniment of pregnancy.

There are various types of pregnancy pillows and few have been discussed below.

Custom-fit Full Body pillow is a C-shaped pillow that has been customized to provide full body support throughout pregnancy. These pillows range from head-neck support, belly-back support to leg-ankle-back support.

Pregnancy wedge pillows are to be placed below your baby bump when you sleep on your side. The basic means is to take away the baby’s weight and relieve you from pressurizing your back for some time.


Side pillow helps in correct head-neck-spine placement. They provide relaxation to your head and neck muscles and are very comfortable.

Neck support pillow supports when you sleep sideways and keep the spine straight as the curved position of spine causes a lot of pain in pregnancy and relaxes the head and neck.

Back support pillow wraps around your back and ensure total support and also prevents you from rolling onto your side when you are fast asleep.
While choosing pillows for your comfort, few things have to be kept in mind like the design which has been made to support shoulder or back or other affected areas. Your sleeping style plays a vital role here. According to doctors, a would-be mother should sleep sideways, preferably left, after 21 weeks, so once you have completed this time you can look for a design accordingly. Next important thing is the material as the feel of the pillow has to be of a good quality, safe and soft on skin, made of organic material and should be free from allergens. The benefits of using a pregnancy pillow are that it struts and supports the tummy; it triggers peaceful sleep if used correctly.

What pregnancy pillow is best?

Pregnancy pillows are extremely important for various reasons. Would-be-mothers can get a great night’s sleep as these pillows can help in eliminating pains inside the body. Pregnant mothers suffer a great amount of pain in regions such as shoulders, neck, back, belly, legs, hips, ankles, and knee, which prevents them from getting a good night’s sleep. With pregnancy pillows mothers can overcome the pregnancy challenges as they offer great comfort which mothers really deserve. Thinking what pregnancy pillow is best? Read the below information to arrive at the best pregnancy pillow.
Various types of pregnancy pillows
Maternity pillows can be categorised into different kinds based on their shapes, softness and sizes. Maternity pillows are mainly categorised based on their shape. If you need to provide adequate support to your growing belly, then you must buy pregnancy wedge pillow. It offers great support and comfort to your growing belly. The pillow has the capacity of sliding perfectly under the belly bump or back to deliver maximum support, which is needed. Such a pillow will not occupy much space unlike full body pillow. For those who cannot afford to pay more and are on a budget, can opt for this kind of pillow. Several would-be-mothers consider wedge pillows as their best companions.
Another important kind of pregnancy pillow is C-Shaped pregnancy pillow, which is actually custom designed to support the entire body. The lower end of the pillow comes in between the legs to provide much assistance while the pillow’s middle end moves on to the back to support and provide comfort to the vertebrae. This mechanism relieves pressure from the spine that usually aches owing to the weight of the baby that is held in the belly. You can place the top end of the pillow under your head to support your shoulders and neck. Different manufacturers make different kinds of C shaped pillows.
Those who crave to acquire full body balance from the front to the back may consider buying U-Shaped pregnancy pillow. It is the pillow which is curved from both the sides to offer full balance to the body of the would-be-mothers. Such a pillow is simply perfect for moms who have the habit of sleeping on to their back. Sleeping on the back, puts extra pressure on the belly and hence, doctors widely recommend this category of pillow as it offers support from both the sides. This kind of maternity pillow is fairly large, and hence, it can occupy extra space on the bed.
Pregnancy pillows in various dimensions
Dimensions are also very important, which help in determining the length, width, height of the pillow. Best maternity pillows can be purchased in standard sizes and so there is no problem in using them. If you use a king-sized bed, then you can consider buying the standard-sized pregnancy pillows. For queen-sized bed, you need to buy a medium-size pregnancy pillow. An ideal pregnancy pillow is that pillow which can easily wrap up your body while providing excellent support to the belly and the back. With the above discussion, you will now know what pregnancy pillow is best.